Commercial Solar PV

For businesses who would like to reduce their electricity bills. For agricultural farms, commercial rooftops and solar farms throughout the UK.

Zero cost and huge savings – for your company and the environment

If you have looked into installing solar panels on to your commercial property but have been put off by the initial upfront cost, Natural Generation are now able to help businesses achieve long-term reductions to their ever increasing electricity costs by enabling them to generate their own clean electricity, harnessing the power of the sun, without the need for capital investment.

You can find more information here by downloading our commercial PV factsheet.

Solar Farms and Recent work with EPCs

Over the past 3 years, Natural Generation has built relationships with EPCs to supply the relevant experience to build solar farms across the UK. As we are able to cover all aspects of the project, from the installation of the mounting systems and mechanical and electrical designs, to the regrading and landscaping of these sites, Natural Generation have proven to deliver these projects on time and to budget.

We have worked with:
Juwi – 19 MW
Constantine Group Plc – 5.5 MW
Lightsource – 6.3 MW
EGN – 9 MW

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Commercial Solar PV Operations And Maintenance

Regular maintenance will keep your renewable energy system in tip top condition. We offer a full range of annual servicing to ensure your kit continues to operate efficiently, cost-effectively and remains environmentally friendly.

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