Endurance Authorised Dealer and Service Partner

Green energy maintenance is at the heart of our service. Our O&M team provide high quality maintenance for commercial and domestic wind and solar installs.

8th October, 2015

Natural Generation, one of the leading renewable energy companies in the South West, have been installing and maintaining wind turbines for nearly 10 years.

Our team of 30 skilled engineers and technicians, 10 of whom are dedicated to wind, use their skill and expertise to install turbines and provide O&M services across the UK.

“At Natural Generation we're committed to providing a full range of operations and maintenance services for renewable energy systems. Green energy maintenance is at the heart of our service.


Our O&M team provide high quality scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for domestic and commercial turbines and solar installations ensuring maximum efficiency and income generation.” Ivor Thomson, Managing Director, Natural Generation

We’ve recently joined forces with Less CO2 Limited and Scaled Energy to form the Renewables Ring. Together the Renewables Ring offers wind turbine and solar farm maintenance across the whole of the UK.

Natural Generation and the Renewable Ring partners are all Endurance Authorised Dealers and Service Partners.

“Our skill and experience at installing wind turbines and solar parks means we really do know every component inside the system and how it all works.  We use this knowledge to provide a great O&M service up and down the country to ensure their farms are working as efficiently as possible.”


“You can trust our experienced team of technicians to provide all the support you need to ensure you benefit from years of efficient and economical green energy generation.” Ivor Thomson,


By Mike Field

"We had the immerSUN fitted and with the warm days we have had constant hot water very quickly. With the summer approaching we are looking forward to not needing the immersion, it’s great! "

Kelvin Barbery

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