Get cosy with biomass

Get cosy with biomass

If you’re looking for a new heating system biomass could be just what the doctor ordered.

19th October, 2016

Whether you’re planning a new build or replacing a system, paying a bit more up front will give you an upgraded system with cash back and environmental benefits too.


Biomass boilers burn pellets, wood chips or logs to generate heat. They can be used to heat a single room or be connected to your central heating and/or hot water system. Your install team should be able to provide and install systems which can be used to heat radiators, underfloor heating and warm air convectors, and will also provide all of your hot water needs whether you are installing for a home.


Although initially more expensive than an oil system after 7 years you’ll have two thirds of the investment back via the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). You’ll need to choose an MCS approved supplier to fit the system if you want to benefit from the RHI, this is to guarantee that the installations receiving government funding are of the highest quality and have the most efficient response to the UK-wide need for increased renewable energy systems.


“If you work with an MSC approved supplier to fit your domestic biomass after 7 years you’ll basically have an upgraded system for essentially the same cost as an oil system when you take fuel savings into account .” Graeme Buck, Natural Generation


Why is biomass a good option for your home?


·         Reduces your carbon emissions: biomass secures you a more sustainable source of heating, thereby cutting your carbon emissions well into the future.

·         Earns you money via the RHI – so long as you work with an MCS approved supplier. Once your boiler is set up and approved the RHI rate is set and you’ll receive a guaranteed income for 7 years.

·         Compliments other Renewable Energy Systems

·         Allows you to create a bespoke system : perhaps you have access to ample wood supplies or perhaps wood pellets would be more appropriate, your boiler will be chosen suit your home, your storage space and your lifestyle.

·         Is almost entirely carbon neutral : the only carbon cost is the processing of the chips or pellets (which is negligible). The fuel for the biomass boiler is considered to be fully sustainable. Plants absorb as much carbon dioxide whilst growing as they release when burnt. Of course, new plants and trees can be grown to replace ones that are used for fuel consumption.


Biomass boilers are also suitable for business premises. The commercial RHI is payable over 20 years.


About Natural Generation

Based in Perranporth Natural Generation install and maintain renewable energy systems all over the South West. Work is carried out by in-house electricians, plumbers and workers rather than sub-contractors ensuring quality and consistency of work.  The company has a maintenance division offering a full range of annual servicing options to ensure your kit continues to operate efficiently, cost-effectively and remains environmentally friendly.


Natural Generation engineers always conduct a handover session with you after the installation to ensure you know your new boiler inside out and will provide support over the phone or in person should you have any further queries. All installs include a service, maintenance and repair plan free of charge as standard for the first 2 years with product guarantees for up to 7 years.


Natural Generation are an MCS accredited installer which means your installation will be eligible for the Government domestic RHI.

"We found the customer service to be excellent and are extremely happy with the quality of the product."

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