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50kW Rooftop Solar PV for Industrial units in Pool

50kW Rooftop Solar PV for Industrial units in Pool

Because the electricity is being generated when our tenants are actually at work the full benefit of an ‘on roof’ installation can be felt


Harry Hart & Robert Catanzaro, Directors of SBU Ltd had clearly done their homework before deciding to go ahead with solar pv installation for their business units in Pool. As landlords of the Wilson Building they felt that they had a responsibility to “do the right thing, being able to both generate sustainable electricity and reduce Co2 emissions”. Their building had expansive roof space suitable for solar pv, and as their tenants were at work during the hours of electricity generation, the owners could see the full potential. A tailored finance package was put together by Steve Hunt at Ignition Credit, and Natural Generation were commissioned to carry out the installation.
The roof of the Wilson Building faces South West, is inclined at an angle of 20 degrees, and has no shading. Nat Gen installed a mobile smartphone application, which has allowed the owners to keep a close eye on performance. They expect to produce around 70% of their energy needs. "More landlords should consider it, who would not prefer their electricity being provided via a more sustainable local route instead of being via burnt fossil fuels and transported for hundreds of miles from out of the County?"

System: 49.66 kW Solar PV. 199 x REC 250 PE panels with Power One Inverters and Elios monitoring
Est Annual Output: 47912 kWhrs
Est Annual CO2 Saving: 25.73 tonnes
Est R.O.I.: 25.16%

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"PV really makes sense for businesses"
Harry Hart

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