Commercial Solar PV Operations and Maintenance

Work with us to maximise your generation and maximise the return on your investment.

We are one of the leading renewable energy companies in the South West. To date we’ve installed over 100MW of solar and wind but we don’t walk away once the system is up and running. We're committed to providing a full range of operations and maintenance services for all renewable energy systems. Green energy maintenance is at the heart of what we do.

We currently look after 120MW of solar across the UK. Work with us to maximise your generation and maximise your return on investment - you'll be in safe hands. 

Our skill and experience at installing solar parks means we really do know every component inside the system and how it all works. We use this knowledge to provide world class maintenance to our customers up and down the country.

Join us for your O&M and we will help ensure your system is kept in optimum condition to help ensure maximum return on your investment.

We offer response times from 4 hours.

You can trust our experienced team of technicians to provide all the support you need to ensure you benefit from years of efficient and economical green energy generation.


1. Regular inspections, every month, 3 or 6 months which includes ground keeping, panel cleaning and checking for shade

2. Annual Service Package : like an MOT for your installation

3. Unscheduled repairs : Getting you back up and running ASAP if something stops working

4. Security : and monitoring … we’ll keep our eye on your site via remote monitoring (if you have monitoring software) – this will stop you needing to call in with a fault or a problem – we’ll already be on it.
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