A day in the life of... Chris Dunford, Senior Wind Technician

"Downtime is the last thing customers want, and we can go a long way towards making it a thing of the past."

25th November, 2019

A time served technician, Natural Generation’s very own Spin Doctor is normally to be found out in the workshop at our service base in Cornwall, repairing and upgrading the turbines that come in from all over the UK and islands.

Mostly it’s the Endurance turbines that come into our workshop. We have made sure we can offer customers a full range of solutions for these machines and it’s Chris and his colleagues that perform the work.

Chris Dunford

“The classic problems, particularly on the E-Series turbine, are cracks in the bedplate, failure of the main shaft, gearbox grumbles and blade spring tube failures. We’ve built up a huge stock of spares so we don’t need to wait for parts to arrive” says Chris.

“Downtime is the last thing customers want, and we can go a long way towards making it a thing of the past. We always try to minimise disruption for our customers”

Chris Dunford