Meet The Team: Laura Fielding

Every company has that one employee who has been there from the very beginning. They are the go-to person for almost every question, and there is very little that they don’t know.

21st December, 2020

They can recall the most obscure details of the business from years past and often become the linchpin of the internal workings. Natural Generation has such an employee, our Office Manager Laura Fielding.

Can you describe a typical day a work? Multi-tasking! My most important job is invoicing our customers and doing the banking. In between that I’m booking vans in to garages, hiring vehicles, booking accommodation, ordering uniform, booking interviews, inducting new starters, setting up phones, logging holidays, training and sickness and of course dropping all of that to answer the phone. 
How much has the company changed since the beginning? We’ve gone from 3 to 80 members of staff - from installing small scale wind turbines and solar thermal systems for the pioneers who were willing to invest in renewable energy with no grants or tariffs – to heat pumps and biomass across the Devon and Cornwall – to providing O&M services for over 500 wind turbines and solar farms across the UK.
What made you want to work in renewable energy? It happened by chance but it feels the right industry to be working in – for the good of the planet and because it’s a growing industry.
What has been the biggest challenge that you have faced at Natural Generation? The point at which we moved from St Agnes when the company was undergoing massive growth.  Ivor was taking over the reins from Mike and we were both on a steep learning curve about running a rapidly-expanding business, having to adapt to whatever the Government threw at the industry. We called it ‘pin-ball renewables’!
What do you wish more people knew about Nat Gen? I suppose its humble beginnings and the reasons Mike started the company. We only had 3 employees (including myself), a tiny premises in St Agnes and no forklift.
What’s been your favourite project so far? Hard to single any one thing but dealing with happy customers is always a pleasure. Installing new turbines was always great to be part of, building clean energy sources for our customers was great feeling.
What does the future hold for you at Nat Gen? Whatever it throws at me, as ever!