Natural Generation places huge order with Gale Force Design for 50 Endurance bedplates

20th February, 2020

As owners of Endurance turbines will know, one of the common – and major – failures these machines suffer from is cracking of the bedframes. This is the main structural component which mounts the nacelle onto the tower and to which all the internal equipment is attached. Failures are costly and dangerous of course, but just the risk of a breakage results in machines in built up areas being shut down on a precautionary basis.

With over 200 Endurance machines in the managed fleet, many owned by our parent company Constantine Wind Energy, the decision on supplier was a very important one. After looking at all the available options we have committed to an order with our equipment partner Gale Force Designs for 50 of their upgraded bedframes. The heavy gauge welded design is much stronger than the original. 

Customers needing replacement bed frames can be confident they are extending the life of their machine long into the future with this top-quality product. While the machine is being rebuilt, it’s also the ideal opportunity to upgrade the main shaft and bearings, and deal with any blade issues.

If you would like to know more about the upgrade options for the Endurance turbines, please do get in touch for some advice on your best course of action.